Become a DBRT Mentor Organisation

The DBRT helps small to medium enterprises (SMEs) understand what it means for their business to be “Defence Ready”. It allows SMEs to assess their business against industry best practices benchmarked for defence suppliers. It also assists businesses to prioritise actions necessary to grow their Defence business capability.

DBRT Mentor Organisations provide valuable support, advice and insights into a business’ readiness to become a successful part of the Defence supply chain.

How do SMEs engage with a DBRT Mentor Organisation?

All DBRT Mentor Organisations have their own profile page on the DBRT website. DBRT Mentor Organisations publish information about their organisation, including details about the support they can provide to SMEs through the DBRT.

For example, professional facilitators and advisors may offer guidance and support to SMEs when completing the DBRT to help them understand their current level of Defence readiness. They may also offer advice and strategies to help SMEs improve their level of defence readiness.

Defence industry associations may help their SME members complete the DBRT questionnaire and better understand their results.

Defence Prime contractors may choose to connect with SMEs operating in the same sector, to learn about their level of Defence readiness, including whether they are a good ‘fit’ for working within their Defence industry supply chain.

SMEs will be able to review the profile page of DBRT Mentor Organisation and they will be able to request to connect with one or more of the DBRT Mentor Organisations at the same time. DBRT Mentor Organisations will receive the request from SMEs via email. The Mentor Organisation will review the request and determine whether they have the capacity to connect with the SME. If the Mentor Organisation chooses to connect with the SME, they will then be able to assign the SME request to a Mentor within their own Organisation.

Once a SME has connected with their Mentor, they will be able to use the DBRT platform to securely share notes, documents and information about the business’ level of defence readiness and defence capability.

Are there any fees involved in becoming a DBRT Mentor Organisation?

The DBRT is a free platform for all SMEs and DBRT Mentor organisations to allow them to come together and collaborate to improve the capabilities of Australian SMEs to supply products and services within the Defence industry.

DBRT Mentor Organisations may choose to offer SMEs paid services. However, all paid services must be negotiated independent of the DBRT platform and must be a private agreement with the SME.

How to become a DBRT Mentor Organisation?

If you are a professional Defence facilitator or advisor, industry association or Defence prime contractor, and you would like to become a DBRT Mentor Organisation, please complete and submit the DBRT Mentor application form here.

The DBRT team will review your application and contact you within seven days from the receipt of your application.